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Asalaamu' alikuum beautiful people.
  • Eid is near and it sucks because I don’t have any family to celebrate it with. Everybody be doing there henna and I just be sitting home alone. Alhamdulillah though because I am healthy and alive.

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    "If they destroy your Mosques raise the call to prayer from our Churches."

    -Bishop of Gaza, Father Manuel.



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    People who live free of social networking and television must have a very peaceful state of mind

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    it is crucial to believe and respect girls when they say a guy is giving them bad vibes even if they don’t give you a reason why

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    You know them days where nothing in particular is wrong or anything but your heart just feels so heavy?

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    why are there some lipsticks like $30 please calm down you glorified red crayon

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  • shumakhadijah:

    When you havent been able to pray in a while and finally hit your forehead in sujood or open the qur’an and the words roll off your tounge and it feels like youve returned home and the cold outside doesnt matter anymore.

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  • Today I feel weak and exhausted and sad and I want this day to be over already. Oh I’m hungry too! 7 more hrs to fast yaaa

  • angrymuslimah:

    Muslim parents who don’t let their daughters go to college or get an education— imagine if everyone thought that way, how could we go to the doctor if there weren’t any females to do our checkups?

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  • I am sorry

    • To every muslim out there living under oppression, I am sorry.
    • May Allah forgive me for being of no help to you.
    • May Allah forgive me for turning a deaf ear to your cries.
    • May Allah forgive me for being stingy in helping you.
    • May Allah forgive me for my selfish duas and not praying for you.
    • May Allah forgive me for the peaceful sleep whilst you are living a nightmare.
    • May Allah forgive me for the food I eat whilst you go hungry.
    • May Allah forgive me for my laughter whilst you cry tears of blood.
    • May Allah forgive me for taking what I have for granted whilst you have nothing.
    • May Allah forgive me for loving my life whilst death stares you in the eye.
    • I am sorry.
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