Not For The Believers.
  • Yah Allah take my mind off this horrible person. Clear my mind from him. Make it blank. Make it as if he never existed. Take away the memories because you are dead to me now.

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  • If i had a daughter, i would name her Mila.

  • "Ya Allah give her happiness and if sadness still lingers in her eyes. Give her whatever happiness is left of mine."
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  • alittleheartandruh:

    The same things make me feel sad, but the sadness feels different every time. Sometimes I’m numb; alive yet not alive. Other times I feel so much, my insides burn as well as my eyes. I cry through my sadness. The tears taste the same, but the pain.. It is different. So my eyes burn differently and my heart throws itself violently against my lungs. I can’t breathe. Those words run through my mind, I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe.

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  • So tired of this. Just want a hug

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  • Oh how i miss him

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    قصه ام را به كدام آیینه فریاد كنم
    شهر خود را به سر راه كی آباد كنم
    بار این درد همان خوب كه تنها ببرم

    To which mirror should I cry my tale?
    On whose path should I build my city?
    Oh, it’s better that I carry the burden of this sorrow on my own. Alone

    Qahaar Aasi (via honeyandelixir)
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    تو رفتی
    و من هرگز
    ستاره ای را
    در آسمان ندیدم

    You left
    And I
    Never again
    Saw any stars in the sky

    ایرج جنتی عطایی (via honeyandelixir)
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  • "Agar ferdos dar rooye zameen ast, hamin ast o hamin ast o hamin ast."

    If there is heaven on earth, this is it, this is it, this is it.

    Written on the dome of the shrine of Zainab bint Ali (as). ❤

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  • "Anyone who is in love with a rose lies when he says he cannot stand the thorns"
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  • "تا کی در این دنیا دنبالی دیگرانی؟
    آخر این است یک دنیای فانی"
    How long are you going to chase others in this world?
    After all, this is only a temporary world. (via girlofbalkh)
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  • muhaajer:

    مساي كي افتاب و ماحتاب هيچوقت يگ جاه نميشه. البت مسلي ان من و تو هم يگ جاه نميشم.
    Like the sun and moon were never meant to meet. Maybe you and I were never meant to meet.

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