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  • For fucks sake I need to slap someone

  • It was a good day minus the severe stomach pain I got

  • I give up :(

  • Im so stressed out I cant even explain .

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  • Started my second job today. Long day went by fast. Good people. Made me forget how stressed out Im supposed to be. #puffpuff

  • "Time heals physical wounds, but he left a wound on my soul."
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    Don’t talk to boys. They’re pathetic and give anything that breathes hella attention and never mean what they say.
    Based on a true story.

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  • Im an emotional mess.

  • How can you purposely blacken your heart when you know another heart exists for it.

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    — “when distance exhausts you, time will strengthen you.”

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  • أيامك معدودة و وقتك مكتوب ف لماذا لا تتوب يا حامل الذنوب؟


    Your days are limited and your time is written so why don’t you repent O carrier of sins?

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  • I feel so alone.

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    Eat fruit and keep your heart healthy

    the blueberries for the pulmonary arteries/valves omg

    I love this

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